Nightlife Activities in Zagreb

Booking an organised activity keeps everyone together and bonding … a solid foundation for a great night starting. Our experienced and pretty guides will give you the most important introduction to Zagreb nightlife, inclusive some tips on how start interaction with local beauties.

Zagreb Clubbing

Nightlife in disco club of Zagreb
Enjoying the night
Disco bar Hemingway
Dancing party

The challenge for a stag group is to get the face control at the entry. With our prepaid tickets to top Zagreb disco clubs, you have easy admission guaranteed. Our guides will not just translate for you or chat with you, but may be a very helpful source of tips go after pretty locals.


Pub Crawl Lite

Pub Tour for stag groups in Zagreb
Beer Crawl in Zagreb
Zagreb pubs visit with local guide
Visit of different pubs during one night

Guided visit of different pubs in just a single night is a great way to explore the city. Our local female guides (or one guide for small groups) are knowledgeable about the best party locations in Zagreb and they will adjust the selection of pubs according to your preferences. In addition each person from your group will get a free cold beer to secure the proper start of the evening.


Zagreb Nightlife Tour

Guided nightlife tour in Zagreb with female guides
Dancing on the disco
Beautiful Croatian girls
Having fun

Our young female guides have deep local knowledge of best bars and clubs of Zagreb. Do not loose precious time in overpriced empty places or trying to enter venue that do not accept larger groups.
On nightlife tour you will have tables booked in the first bar or pub that is close to the starting place (usually your hotel or apartment).


Traditional Croatian Dinner

Restaurant for traditional stag dinner in Zagreb
Different kinds of meat
Traditional restaurant sweets

You should definitely enjoy a good traditional meal before heading out to Zagreb's popular bars and clubs. We've prepared a special offer for you: a 3 course traditional Croatian dinner menu in a centrally located restaurant right opposite the Zagreb cathedral. Our restaurant specialises in local cuisine and offers a rich choice of national dishes. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and every summer opens a garden terrace.


Moderate Croatian Dinner

Restaurant for stag dinner
a wonderful pork steak served at the cellar restaurant
a traditional Croatian cold starter
specially decorated steak plate

Expect to be fully satisfied after having a 3 course dinner in a medieval cellar of this popular centrally located restaurant. Except having a dinner, our friendly staff will offer you a big choice of Croatian and international beers. We recommend tasting the traditional stew prepared from different types of meat. One free drink is included.


VIP Casino Entry

Men playing cards in casino
Entry to popular casino in Zagreb
Stag night in Zagreb with exciting visit of city's most popular casino
Stag do Casino visit in Zagreb

Add excitement and thrill of betting to your night by visiting the local casino in Zagreb. Company of beautiful croupiers and alcohol at the table is something for male party. Besides, there is always a chance you will become the lucky one and win some extra money! During this event our guide will stay with you at least 2 hours and your group is free to stay as long as you want.


Bowling de Luxe

Bowling in a dim light
Bowling center entrance
People playing bowling

Want to have some fun before having a pub crawl? Then bowling is the right choice for you. While playing you will get some beer and refreshments to get the party started. Venue is located within city limits and can be reached by taxi, public transport or prebooked transfer.


Lap Dance Club

Stag party lap dance club visit in Zagreb

Zagreb is not top place for striptease club visits with only two clubs currently open. Anyhow should you wish to visit the local club, we will be helpful to arrange the prepaid entry for you, although don't expect much more than overpriced drinks and some five to ten strip dancers.


Limousine City Tour

white Lincoln limousine in Zagreb
interior with different kinds of beverage
interior of the limousine with TV
white stretched Lincoln limousine

Have your own private limousine waiting for you at the hotel to take you wherever you like in the Zagreb city. Imagine limousine, pulling over in front of the hotel waiting for you and your stag group, the night is young and the adventure is about to begin. The tour will end at starting place or other place agreed during the tour.


Hummer Limousine City Tour

Grab everyone's attention!
Luxurious interior with bar
Luxurious Hummer limo at your disposal
Enjoy ride in the city in sumptuous limousine

Hummer Limousine tour is the best option for starting the tour and making your stag do a special event. You can have arranged some drinks on board and - especially for male eyes - a pretty body of a stripper.

The professional driver will pick you up from the place of your choice which is usually a hotel or a restaurant and will remain at your disposal for 3 hours within Zagreb's city limits. The most popular stops are local bars, pubs and nightclubs, but the visit of a gentleman's club is also possible.


Pool Billiard

Play an easy-going match with your stag buddies
A glass of cold beer is a perfect refreshment
Billiard is a great way of starting the night
Modern and trendy billiard club in Zagreb

You can start your evening with some beers and a game of billiard in modern centrally located billiard club. We will arrange the tables and make sure your stag group will be served with a cold beer.


Rakija Tasting

Stag Weekend Rakija Tasting
Drink strong shot of Rakija
Rakija and in bottles of different taste
Pub for Rakija tasting in Zagreb

Enough of whiskey? Once in Eastern Europe, lets try something new! Rakija is popular drink of Balkans and it would be a real shame not to taste it. Made from almost any fruit, each of its kind has its own name and during the tasting in popular downtown bar you can choose from various different flavors like honey, blueberry, cherry, nut, pear, apricot or plum.



Visit modern billiard and snooker club in the city center of Zagreb
Perfect addition to snooker or billiard is a glass of cold beer!
Modern and trendy snooker club in Zagreb
Groom trying to do his best to win!

Snooker is a perfect option if you want to start your stag do gently.

Just grab a beer with your stag mates and play a friendly match. Somebody may reveal a hidden Stephen Hendry inside, or maybe it will be just a match of greenhorns, but it definitely will be a great warm-up before upcoming night. And while you will be waiting for your turn, you can enjoy a beer with creamy foam for free!


Steaks and 2 Beers

Juicy steak kicks off your night partying
Cold beer is a perfect "side dish" to a delicious steak
Feast with your stag buddies on a great portion of meat!
Enjoy your sumptuous dinner in cosy restaurant in the city center

A great portion of juicy steak is what every man needs before going out partying and enjoying all the beautiful Croatian girls!We will reserve a table for your stag group in a high-quality restaurant in the city center and we will make sure you won't wait too long for your mouth-watering rib-eye steak with chips and sauce. Don't worry, vegetarian option is also available.

Now there is only one thing missing - a cold draught beer with creamy foam!


Winebar Wine Tasting

Taste the selection of best Zagreb's wines
Modern and top-class wine bar in Zagreb
Delicious snack that perfectly fits to wine
Wine tasting is perfect experience for the whole stag group

Turn into sommelier and taste the most delicious Croatian and world-famous wines.

Our local guide takes you to Zagreb's winebar where you taste the best of grapes and discuss wine issues with a specialist. You will learn new information about the famous nectar of the gods, which you can apply for your future wine-selecting.

Our high-quality winebar will also give you a treat with finger food snack such as cheese and olives, which perfectly fit to wine!


Night Club Tickets

Visit the most trendy nightclub in Zagreb!
Enjoy view on sexy girls dancing with their hot curves
Experience hot atmosphere of local nightclubs!
Party up and go wild with hot locals!

Partying in nightclubs is a must of every stag do! Our stunning guide will put on her sexy evening dress and show you the best clubs around Jarun lake! You will visit the party places sought by the locals and experience real atmosphere of Zagreb's nightlife.

Party up!


Pub Crawl Standard

Pub Crawl is a must of every stag do!
Stag group enjoying their well-deserved beer
Party up!
When partying in Croatia you have to taste super strong Rakija shots!

Drinking is an inseparable part of every stag weekend. You can walk the city and waste your time with finding some good pubs, or you can rely on us and with the assistance of beautiful young girl visit the trendiest bars and pubs in Zagreb.

She will tell you about the hottest spots in the city and show you the places where locals are used to gather. Together you will create your own and unique tour de bar tailored to your preferences.

To make sure no thirst will "catch" you on the streets, you will get 5 beers for free in pubs you choose!



Rural Wine Tasting With Meal

Experience unique wine tasting on wine farm in Zagreb
Spent a beautiful sunny day on rural wine farm in Zagreb
Appetizing dinner with the best wine sets you in the right mood for the night
Feast on delicious wine and snacks

Zagreb has a rich history in wine growing. To get to know the other side of the city, not only its nightlife, it is worth to pay a visit to its wine culture.

This is not just an ordinary visit of a wine bar. You will go on a rural farm in traditional wine region near Zagreb, where experts tell you about the features of wine, its growing and production. Don't worry, you won't be bored with talking. There is an exclusive tasting of 5 different wines prepared for you.


Casino Night

Push your luck and win a fortune!
Visit top-class and trendy casino in Zagreb
Will your be a winner or a loser?
Spend an exciting gambling night and spice up your stag do

Push your luck and let the pots of money fall into your's lap!

Visit fancy and modern casino in the downtown and spend your evening with gambling and wagering. Act tactically and utilize your dexterity, or hope to have more luck than sense when taking chances. Maybe you will be happy and have a stroke of luck. If not, then you can at least feast your eyes on beautiful croupiers.



Enjoy partying with wild locals
Enjoy sexy dancers in Zagreb's night clubs
Perfect atmosphere, great music, sexy girls, wild locals - that's Zagreb!
The best of hot girls can be found only in trendy night clubs in Zagreb

All what is a stag do about is drinking and club hopping (and enjoying beautiful girls, of course). Zagreb All-Nighter includes all what you need for the perfect party night!

In company of our beautiful guide you visit a popular local pub where you grab a beer or other Croatian alcoholic specialties. Your next steps will lead to a trendy nightclub where you experience the wild atmosphere of clubbing in Zagreb and where you will feast your eyes on stunning tourists and exotic locals.

Are you ready to awaken your inner party animal?


Trendy All-Nighter

Hot wild girls arre the perfect addition to your stag do in Zagreb
Local going wild in trendy night club
Enjoy view on sexy curves while going wild in club!
Experience unique atmosphere in Zagreb night club

Let's turn an ordinary clubbing into luxury experience!

Our guide takes you to the superb cocktail bar in the center where professionals prepare sweet alcoholic cocktails on your request. When you finish your drinking part, our guide takes you to the smashing nightclub where local beauties and foreign stunners go wild!


Rakija Bar Crawl

Rakija shots waiting for your stag group!
You stag party in Zagreb cannot miss the pub crawl with Rakija
Rakija shots will make you party all night!
Trendy pub in city center

Spending a party weekend in Croatia without tasting the local spirits would be a sin! For one night forget a beer and redirect your attention to Rakija - a fruit brandy popular in the Balkans.

Our stunning guide takes you to the best bars where you will be served with delicious (and strong!) Rakija. If you have some preferences, she will tailor the bar route to your wishes.

Start off your stag do with Rakija Bar Crawl and we guarantee a barrel of fun for the rest of the night!



Trendy and very popular bowling club in Zagreb's city center
Facilities of modern bowling club in Zagreb
Play a match against your stag friends!
Bowling is a perfect way of kicking off your wild partying in Zagreb

Bowling is a leisure activity and perfect choice for small talks while drinking beer and having a good time with friends. Our guide takes you to a modern Bowling club in Zagreb where you can prepare for your crazy night.


Burger & Beers

Great portion of a meat burger
Stag buddies enjoying dinner and watching football match
Delicious burger with bacon
Best burger bar in Zagreb

We know that you love never-ending partying, but taking a short break is also important. Devote some time to your stag buddies and enjoy meaty burger dinner in the finest local bar.

If you want to party all night, a full stomach is a must! Our local guide knows where the best beef, chicken, cheese or vegetarian burgers are!

Enjoy your very male feast and grab a beer with your friends. While enjoying your meal, watch a thrilling football match and cheer aloud on your favorite football team!

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