Female Guides for party groups in Zagreb

We employ guides that are the best representatives of party-friendly country like Croatia. Their knowledge about Zagreb is strong in the fields of nightlife, partying, drinking, delicious food & in general having good time. All of them speak good English (some of them French or German as well) and are aged between 19 and 27 years (and without discrimination during the hiring - they are female).

Lea (Tour Guide & Destination Manager)

Lea - our friendly female guide
Lea with one of the stags on a night out.
Lea having a nice time, relaxing on a night out with clients.
Tour guide, Lea, enjoying a night out on the town with clients.

Lea is a friendly English-speaking guide who knows Zagreb very well and will guide you through the best bars and clubs in town. She knows how to party, and always chooses the best itinerary that will provide our clients with the most entertainment.


Our night guide Tea with her friend in Zagreb
Lovely English speaking night guides for stag party in Zagreb

Tea is our friendly local guide who will take care of your day and night activities in Zagreb.
She speaks French and English very well and has lot of experience with night guiding. Partying is her hobby and she will surely take you to the best places in the city.


Night guiding in Zagreb with our lovely guide Sandra
Our guide Sandra loves partying and she will take you to the best clubs

Sandra will be your native Croatian guide during stag party in Zagreb. She lives in the city and loves to go out whether those are her friends or our clients.
Besides it is lot of fun to party with her, she is also a phenomenal guide regarding organisation of activities.


Stag weekend party guide in Zagreb, Croatia
Party guide Ena is lovely and friendly at the same time

Go out with Ena and you will never regret your decision to party in Zagreb! Fun loving, pretty and open-minded, she will make you a company during the night events and show you the best spots. When she is not partying with our clients, search for her in Zagreb clubs.


Marija is a very excitable and attractive tour guide.
Marija and Lea enjoying the night with a stag group.

Marija is one of the most excitable members on our team. Enjoying both night and day activities, her attitude and energy are infectious, making it very hard not to enjoy yourself when she's your guide on an activity in Zagreb!


Marija works as the booking agent for Zagreb, so she is not a true nightlife guide. You will get in contact with her during the preparation of your event. Even she is originally from Croatia, she is not always in Zagreb as she travels a lot between our destinations in the country and our central reservation office. She will usually answer your questions per email, and there was not yet a question she could not answer.

Apart from Zagreb, she also handles the tours travelling to Croatian coastal destinations.

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Latest feedback

You can still see that we played paintball but at least it is a memory of our lads weekend! Our stag Vince was happy about everything we were up to and I think your event management is great and it is clear that you have a lot of experience with stag...
The rep Tea was very nice and she knew all the fine places to go. The weekend was not enough to see and try everything there in Zagreb but I think what we did was great and maybe next time we try something else. Chris and his 7 mates partied in Zagreb...
The guides were fantastic, we hired 2 guides for 10 of us guys to show us around the town. They met us at a local restaurant and first took us to a bar for some drinks and then onto a club where they had arranged a table for us right in the middle of the...
Three days of partying were enough for our group to have a perfect time!! Please pass our greetings to the guides and we all think they both are a great asset to your company! Dean we will pass your regards and we are glad you enjoyed stag do in Zagreb...
Hi there. The paintball was well enjoyed, our guides were always in the good mood and understood the boy's partying completely! Thank you on behalf of all the lads. Stephen partied in Zagreb with his group in December 2012

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