Daytime Stag Activities

Having organised things to do through the day is important if you don't want everyone just to drink all day. It's also a great excuse if you're on a stag or hen weekend to do something you've never done before.

Pistol Shooting in Zagreb

pistol shooting
Revolver Rossi

Pistol Shooting in Zagreb is one of the greatest ways and opportunities to test your shooting skills with three different handguns. With professional instructor you will be enjoying 10 bullets with Glock 21, 10 bullets with Revolver Rossi caliber 38 and 10 shots with CZ caliber 9. Enjoy the adrenaline a live the unique experience.


Zagreb White Water Rafting

White Water rafting Tour in Croatia
Rafts in Zagreb
White water

Definitely one of the most exhilarating activities we offer for your unforgettable stag weekend in Zagreb, Croatia. The whole stag group rushing down 15 km of turbulent, fast-flowing water, dodging the rocks, getting soaked through, and paddling together frantically when needed is a great feeling. Take a waterproof camera and get some magical action shots as well!
White water river is only 75 minutes by car from centre of Zagreb on river Dobra.


Zagreb Go Karting

Go Karting Track in Zagreb
Karts in Croatia
Ready for the track
Car interior

The hidden Hamiltons, Hills or Schumachers can reveal their identities on Zagreb go-karting circuit. The less successful drivers in this motor sport competition may have their revenge on the evening Pub Rally.
The best outdoor karting track in Zagreb - 750 meters long and between 7-9 meters wide and official racing Honda karts with 270 cc motor are exclusively available for our customers over the weekends.


Zagreb Paintball

Exciting paintball skirmish games near Zagreb
Amazing paintball experience
Adventurous croatian paintball
Paintball adventure

This is the best activity rush and team spirit improvement. No previous combat experience is needed, even a very little of alcohol in your veins is tolerated. Depending on the season and your preference out door forest or indoor building playing fields are available.


Zagreb Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving in Croatia with professional instructor
Tandem Jump
Skydiving in Zagreb
Tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving is enjoyable way to experience the thrill and excitement of parachute jumping without the necessity to learn it. With professional parachute instructor you will jump from 3000 meters.


Wine tasting & lunch tour

Vine Tasting Tour
Tour de vineyards
Traditional rural meal of Romania
Amazing interior

It is said that that the taste of wine is enhanced by the flavor of the moment…So indulge yourself in the wine and warm hospitality of Zagreb and Zagreb surrounding. Believe that your wine trip will be organised with the same care and attention to detail as the fine wines you will be tasting during the whole tour.


Hangover Spa near Zagreb

Zagreb Spa Relaxation
Chill out
Peace and relaxation
Healing hangover

For many years the thermal waters have been used for washing, cleaning, easing aches and pains, and even for ritual purposes. So do not hesitate and spoil your mind, body and soul and visit a spa on your stag weekend. Hangovers can be forgotten and you can slip into the hot pools and make up the stories you'll be telling your friends who missed the stag weekend.


Indoor Paintball in Zagreb

Indoor paintball
Playing inside
Having a paintball fun
Fighting in the indoor area

During the winter season the weather might be not very pleasant and that is why we are offering to you the Indoor Paintball as one of the options which are always prepared for all our action - seeking clients. You can enjoy up to 2 hours of fighting in an fascinating air - dome situated on outskirts of Zagreb. Do not miss the chance of feeling the real adventure.


Plitvice Lakes near Zagreb

Plitvice Lakes
Amazing waterfalls
beautiful lakes and canyons
Unbelievable scenery

Plitvice Lakes are considered to be one of the most beautiful set of lakes in the world. being a national park since 1949 and an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979 with the original beauty which is very well preserved. The park attractions are astonishing views of waterfalls, maze of sixteen lakes, islands, caves and connecting bridges.


Zagreb Airsoft

Fights in forest
Zagreb Airsoft
Be prepared for adrenaline
Croatian airsoft in forest

Airsoft is another combat simulation game as well as it belongs to the most favourite picks of stag groups in Zagreb. During the 2 hours of fighting in the real forest area you will satisfy even the biggest adrenaline thirst and get an irreplaceable experience.


Balloon Flight near Zagreb

Hot Air Balloon flight over Zagreb

We will charter hot air balloon with pilot exclusively for your party.
The activity starts at 7 AM or 6 PM, when the vertical thermals are the most stable. You will be brought to the take-off place. After entering in the balloon you rise to approximately 1000 meters above the ground. From here spectacular 360 degrees views on Zagreb and the landscape of Central Croatia as well as sun on horizon can be enjoyed. The tranquillity in the balloon is a relaxing moment, that is usually in total contradiction with the rest of the stag do time.


Zagreb Skiing & Snowboarding

The Ski Slope near Zagreb
Ski Resort Sljeme in Medvednica Mountain, Croatia
Croatian Skiing
Group skiing near Zagreb, Croatia (available for stag weekend tours)

Skiing is one of the most popular activities in Croatia during the winter time. There are few convenient ski resorts just outside of Zagreb and they're worth a visit. The ski season for this resorts runs for three months from mid December till March. The ski slopes of different levels of difficulty are equipped with a snow-making facility and few of them with night illumination system as well.

The high quality of the Croatian mountain ski resort is proved by the annual FIS World Ski Cup slalom competition.


Archery (Bow Shooting)

Archery is exciting challenge for you and your mates
Stag group at archery in Zagreb
Stag do fun activity in Zagreb
Try archery during one afternoon at your stag party in Zagreb

Archery is a sport with long historic tradition. Using a bow to hit the target is exciting fun, while it is a real challenge for precise aiming and condition as well.


Dynamo Zagreb football game

Players of famous Croatian football team
Tickets to Dinamo Zagreb match for your stag do in Croatia
Football tickets offer for Dynamo Zagreb
Stag do daytime football match activity in Zagreb

Take the advantage of the only company of your mates and get tickets to see football game of the most successful Croatian club coming from Zagreb, with thirteen wins of the National Championship. The team started in Yugoslav football league in 1946 and is playing for Croatia nowadays. Dynamo Zagreb plays its home matches at Stadion Maksimir, where they are known for maintaining their high standard of playing.


Indoor Five-a-Side Football

Stag do indoor football match in Zagreb
Indoor 5-a-side football pitch in Zagreb
Indoor football hall equipped with changing rooms and showers
Restaurant on site of indoor football hall

Indoor football suitable for each weather outside is a perfect way of spending an afternoon in Zagreb before going out. You should be 5 players in each team to play correctly, however you can play with any number of participants and still have lot of fun.


Outdoor Five-a-side Football

Outdoor football field for stag party match
Stag group after the football match
five a side football pitch in Zagreb
Friendly football match in Zagreb

Football (nogomet in Croatian) is the most popular sport in this country. Divide your group into two teams and enjoy your day by competitive match! Two hours of playtime will be enough for each of you to score some goals, so you can celebrate your success in the night. Outdoor 5-a-side football field in Zagreb with artificial grass surface is available for you from April to October.


Full-pitch Outdoor Football

Rent large football field in Zagreb and play with your mates
Recreational football match in Zagreb
Stag do full-pitch football game
Natural grass football pitch

Do you know how it feels like when the world football stars run through the whole field and score? Now you can find out. In case you don't like pushing crowd and appreciate enough of body space, the full-pitch football field will be a place you will enjoy. The pitch has natural grass surface and will be yours for 2-hour match.

Due to our experience with sports tours, we can arrange local opposition adequate to your skills and a referee (additional charges may apply).


Pool Tournament

Snoker and pool venue in Zagreb
Play pool during your stag party in Zagreb
Pool Tournament with guide assistance, transfer and a round of beers
Round of beers waiting for everyone after the tournament

Should you miss ideas on what to do before the evening, then a Pool Tournament may be a good option. We arrange playing tables in popular pool & snooker club, that is located close to city centre (20 minutes walk from majority of hotels, that we book for our clients or alternatively short taxi ride worth 3 EUR per car).


Paintball Deluxe

Paintball game field in old hospital in Zagreb
Amazing playfield for paintball
Stag party paintball in abandoned space of old building - amazing experience
Stag party unforgettable activity of paintball in Zagreb

Adrenaline game with thrilling atmosphere you will hardly forget. This activity is not a regular paintball game and in case the military dress and equipment are not enough for you to feel like a real soldier, you are up to gain more realistic experience! Dense forest, crumbling walls, narrow hallways, broken windows and missing doors - the area of old abandoned hospital like from the movies with capacity of up to 30 players is very different from official paintball fields and will provide enough space for you to play to the to the fullest.


Go-Karting - Indoor Express Package

Modern indoor go-karting arena
Ready for race?
Race with your friends on perfect go-karting arena in Zagreb!
Watch-out for sharp curves!

Fit in your go-kart and put on a seat belt. This is going to be a race - a stag race!

With your buddies visit a perfect indoor go-karting arena and experience some adrenaline driving. When you start drinking, you won't be able to ride even a bike, that's why you should enjoy it to the fullest.

Wheels are hot and you have 20 minutes to get the best out of the curves and tricky track. You can race and bet who will be first to the finish... In case you can even make it there and you won't get stacked between safety tyre boxes!


Go-Karting - Indoor Power Package

Add some thrilling action to your stag do
Sharp curves will test your skills
Perfect afternoon action for the whole group
Supermodern facilities of Zagreb's go karting arena

Go Karting Power Package is tailored just to men! Not only you can operate fast go-kart on a curvy track, you will also be rewarded with ice-cold beer at the end!

Your racing will be even more thrilling as each of your stag mates gets 30 minutes total driving. You will have more time to go nuts between sharp bends!

If you feel ready, step on the gas!


Shooting - Pistol, Revolver & Carbine Shooting

Experience something adrenaline on your stag do
Fire it up!
Learn how to handle the weapon!
Try out Revolver shooting!

You have probably heard of them a lot, but now you have a chance to try them all! Make sure your hands are fixed and strong enough to handle these "toys"!

Your stag do will be wild and busy, but it is worth to make time for an afternoon visit of shooting range. Zagreb features a modern firing range with certified instructors who will be there at your disposal. With their assistance you will learn how to tame classic Glock 17, revolver - the legend of American Civil War - and massive Roni Kit Carbine.


High Ropes Adrenaline Park

Experience thrilling action in adrenaline park in Zagreb
Adrenaline in High Ropes Park in Zagreb
Brighten up your stag do with adrenaline
Try out all attractions!

It wouldn't be a stag do if it lacked some adrenaline. There is a popular High Ropes Park, situated near Zagreb and it would be a mistake to not to pay it a visit!

We guarantee you won't feel any fear... until you see the tracks. The wooden poles are up to 14 meters high, connected with steel wire and are full of obstacles that each participant must pass by overcoming scare. While climbing the poles and ropes you will test your balance skills, concentration, and risk taking. The tracks are of different difficulty levels so you can choose one most suitable for your stag group.


Paintball Outdoor - Military style

Modern outdoor paintball arena in Zagreb
Team up with your stag mates and play a game!
Perfect facilities for thrilling adrenaline game
Try out an exciting paintball match on your stag do

Paint your stag buddies in jazzy colours! No, it has nothing to do with design or art class, but with thrilling paintball match with your friends!

Experience the exhilarating action for men! Put on a military dress and helmet and then you have 2 hours to get the best out of the automatic paintball guns. To ensure a long-lasting fun, each of you get 500 pellets.

What would it be for a masculine activity if there wasn't prepared any special surprise? The lucky ones who survive will get free beers!


Shooting - Revolver Shooting

Indoor shooting range in Zagreb
Try out shooting with Revolver!
Very masculine activity
Stag buddies enjoying shooting with Revolver

Make your stag do go with a bang! Experience a thrilling shooting with a revolver at modern shooting range in Zagreb.

We provide you with all necessary safety equipment, but pointing the gun at the target is all in your hands. There will be a certificated instructor to assist you and a beautiful guide will be at your disposal all the time.


Shooting - Four Pistols in Four Calibres Shooting

Four pistols combo for your stag do!
Experience thrilling action in Zagreb's shooting range
Try out weapons of all kind!
Visit modern shooting range in Zagreb and live up your stag do to the fullest!

The pistol is the most classy weapon of all times. It doesn't matter whether is shooting your long-standing hobby or you will cross the door of a shooting range for the first time. Light and powerful pistols provide you with the perfect experience and brighten up your stag do.

Our range of toys is wide. You can try out Austrian Glock 17 and Glock 21, Norinko and CZ M70 used by Yugoslavian police.

Live up a thrilling action on your stag do!


Shooting - Hardcore Shooting Package

Modern shooting range in Bucharest provides you with the best weapons
Groom enjoying stag do in Zagreb
Experience shooting with real heavy weapons
Brighten up your stag do with thrilling shooting

If you want to experience a great deal of stirring fun, you shouldn't miss out our hardcore shooting package! It is a unique opportunity to have first-hand experience of perennial stars among the weapons.

Our lovely guide takes you to the modern shooting range where a skilled instructor shows you how to handle these dangerous toys. Famous guns such as Glock, Norinko, the revolver and others will spice up your stag weekend in Zagreb.

Fire it up!


Football Outdoor - Full Pitch with Local Opposition

Football match against the local team
Football pitch in Zagreb
Stag mates enjoying the game
Spend perfect afternoon with football

If you are Lionel Messi of your country, we recommend you to forget an ordinary rental of a football pitch. You better take advantage of an opportunity to play a match against a local team!

It has been shown as a great idea to make sport a part of your stag do. Football is a perfect activity for using your surplus energy to the fullest. To ensure full satisfaction and high quality match, you can relish a game against a local team. A professional referee will supervise the match and it all will be in your hands (or legs) to knock down ZagrebĀ“s footballers at their home turf.



Crazy footgolf in Zagreb
Stag buddies enjoying footgolf
You must try this!
Spend sunny afternoon with original footgolf

Does your heart belong to football but soul is up for golf? Or are you just too crazy to play ordinary sports? Try out a brand-new creation for those who want to experience something really special - a Footgolf!

Footgolf is played the same way as golf, except that the players have to kick a football into the golf hole. Sounds odd? Don't waver over it too much, it's a nutty piece of fun. If you travel all the way to Zagreb to live up something unusual, you definitely should go for this.


Wind Tunnel

Crazy wind tunnel in Zagreb
Enjoy unlimited fun in wind tunnel!
Flying in wind tunnel is the best experience!
Stag buddies enjoying flying in wind tunnel

Have you ever thought of a freefall? Are you in favor of wacky and dangerous activities? Talk your stag buddies into visiting a wind tunnel and have a first-hand experience with tornado!

Flying in wind tunnel is an incomparable experience. You wil be levitating in the air where you can perform various tricks and creations. Our skilled instructor will give you some tips so that you can enjoy your flying to the fullest

If you like odd fun and want to know how skydiving feels like, don't miss this out and fly with us in a unique wind tunnel!


Breast Waxing Prank

Groom being tortured by a hot lady!
Hair waxing salon in Zagreb
Breast waxing prank!
Reward the groom with an unforgettable experience.

Have you always wanted to take revenge on the groom for stealing all the girls at the college? Or you simply want to provide him with an unforgettable experience? Our unique breast waxing will definitely be unforgettable!

Boost your stag do with a crazy prank! Decoy your groom into the beauty salon and watch him getting his chest hair removed!

Don't forget to reward him with an alcoholic shot after undertaking this painful procedure! He deserves it!


Escape Room Arena

Stag buddies trying to solve mystery of a spooky escape room
Hot escape room in Zagreb
Our escape room is a real challenge!
Can you solve a brutal murder?

Experience a race against time!

Pluck up your courage and walk into the dark creepy room. You have 60 minutes to find the way out or the door stays locked forever!

At the party you better drink less because what you need now are sharp mind, brainpower and perfect teamwork!



Golf course Zagreb
Groom enjoying golf
Golf green, Croatia
Stag buddies were having fun while playing

Loosen up your worn out body after hard drinking night. Feel the warm sun rays on your skin while playing golf on a soft grassy course.

Relax in the most classy way! Get your natty look with white golf shirt and elegant trousers. Before kicking off your personal golf tournament, make sure that your caddy carries with golf clubs also a pack of cold beer.

It doesn't matter if you are a greenhorn or Tiger Woods. Enjoy your peaceful afternoon and recharge your batteries for incoming stag night!


Quad Adventure near Zagreb

Quad Biking at Stag Weekend near Zagreb, Croatia
Quad adrenaline
Prepare for quad biking
Zagreb quad biking

This is dirty and fast sport only for tough lads. The quad challenge will take you through various types of terrain, testing your balance, your ability and your nerves. With these quads you can climb steep trails, cross rivers, speed through the mud and slip and slide downhill !
You will have a short briefing before starting the adventure and no previous experience with quad is required. The venue of this action packed program is around 45 minutes from Zagreb in untouched nature of Zagorje hills.

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Three days of partying were enough for our group to have a perfect time!! Please pass our greetings to the guides and we all think they both are a great asset to your company! Dean we will pass your regards and we are glad you enjoyed stag do in Zagreb...
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